Michele “Happy” Sacks

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

First and foremost, is my family….My husband Ron and I will be married  thirty years this October. We moved to Cohasset, MA twenty one years ago from New Jersey, and we have two children Evan, 27 years old, lives in NYC,  works for Morgan Stanley and Megan, 25 years old, lives in Washington DC and works for Atlantic Media Group.  I am so very proud of my children.  They both have grown into hard working young adults…. both are athletic, fun to be with, and happy at this point in their  lives.  When your a parent and you see your children grow to be confident young adults…it just fills my heart with such joy.  Their is nothing I am more proud of than my children and spending time with them. (I think I did something right)

I am an Interior Designer and have had my own business for the last 14 years,  MDS Designs.  I absolutely love what I do…helping clients create beautiful homes that brings them joy and comfort.  Currently Ron and I are rebuilding our own home, and we are planning to move back in at the end of May.  It’s an exciting project for both of us.

Lastly, I come from a large family, my parents had seven children and I am an identical twin.  My twin sister is joining CrossFit in Glastonbury ,CT with her daughter next month.   I forced them to come as my guest to RCFBC!  🙂 :).

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

If I recall correctly my kids thought I was crazy when I told them I joined RCFBC.   I keep inviting them to come with me when they come home to visit….I haven’t succeeded as of yet…but I will.

I have always been a runner, ran three marathons back in the day, and now I prefer cycling.  I have tried the South Shore Tri a few times as well, but have never officially completed  with the swim being so difficult.    I also love hot yoga,  I am certified 200 hour with yoga alliance to teach.  Guess you can say exercise really is part of me, always cardio, no real strength training,  until I  started RCFBC.

I just passed my one year anniversary at RCFBC.  I did my “On Ramp” in the old box, and started going to classes in this beautiful new box.   I stopped in at the old box and Mike was teaching a group of young high school boys, all lifting bars with heavy weight, sweating and looked like they were having fun….I  thought…”try it…you will like it”.

Now, I absolutely love it, and wish this program was around on the South Shore years ago for my children.  RCFBC has taught me that  it is all about the physical and mental strength. It is no longer about what the scale says.   Now it’s all about getting strong, building muscle and burning fat.   Finally, I am getting into the best mental state of mind about my body and physical ability, just from doing CrossFit this past year.  I am very happy with the results thus far, but I still have so much more to learn, accomplish and improve.  I  enjoy that every WOD is different each day and this is what my body needed to change it up and see the results I always wanted.   It is always so challenging for me,  I feel I am moving forward, increasing weights, getting stronger, and feeling so proud of my accomplishments.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

RCFBC Community is a very special place that consists of the most amazing coaches and members.   Just think about it….it starts at the top with Mike, Chris and Sharon  I admire how committed they are, so positive, and put together such a wonderful team… all the coaches have so much knowledge and all have a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE to helping each and every member move forward on their journey of getting fit.  I absolutely enjoy being in this this environment and community.    I enjoy seeing everyone beside me getting stronger,  everyone supporting each other when it is very difficult.   Everyone inspires me to do my best.

Just this week, Kaylee, (what an amazing strong young lady and coach) pushed me to deadlift 155 pounds. PR!  I was high all day with happiness that I achieved this, and I know this is how everyone feels when they accomplish something they have never done before.  It is so empowering.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Double Under!

Thank you Mike LeJeune for telling me I had to repeat the 14.1 for the challenge, because my first attempt scored zero?   That’s right,  this entire past year  I couldn’t do one double under, and then suddenly….Magic Mike,  Easy Day Mike, just got the jump rope, gave me great advise and kept saying “you got this” and I did it….. I was over the moon with laughter and shock and than I kept doing them…..I couldn’t believe it.   It was a great day at RCFBC, and so many wonderful friends cheered me on.   Thank you!

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Form, technique, continue to learn and do the exercises correctly.   I am a visual learner and sometimes I watch everyone else and get distracted.  I purchased a CD on Olympic weight lifting, watch it over and over, and I continue to learn form and technique.   I also had a few private sessions with Harrison and this was very helpful.  If you have the correct form, knowledge of how to do all the different exercises correctly,  I believe this will prevent injury and I will get stronger.    It is all a work in progress!

6.  Has RCFBC changed your thoughts on fitness? 

Absolutely, it has completely changed my thoughts on fitness….exercise is just as important with all the other elements in my life.  It is right up their with family, career, spirituality.   We all have this one body and we need it to be healthy, strong…both physically and mentally to live a positive, healthy, happy life.  There is my favorite word and song again…Happy!  :). Everything will fall into place with a positive mental outlook.

Michele is one strong cookie!  It is amazing to watch her do the things she does. She is only getting better and stronger!  Michele is always in a “happy” mood.  She has an amazing laugh that fills the room with joy!  Put her identical sister in the same room and you have double the laughter and energy. Her big smile and warm heart can put anyone in a good mood. Ron her husband joined RCFBC with a group of cyclist’s for a few months we hope to see him again soon. It would be great to have “The Sacks”  throwing down together!  Although, Michele is pretty good Ron may have a little competition.  😉

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