Monday 10-20-14

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Community Notes: Amazing job by all of our athletes that ran O2X this weekend! AAAAAAAANNNNNND…..we would also like to congratulate Kevin and Melissa Summers on the birth of their first child!  Pics to come 🙂

Warm Up

Junkyard Dog
Burgener Warm Up
Skill Transfer


Snatch Complex


For those that crushed O2X.  If your legs are super tired, do parts A and B but instead of C and D, simply complete a 20 minute light recovery row. 

A. Strict C2B Pull Ups 3×10
B. Strict Handstand Push Ups 3×7
Superset A and B – if you scaled reps last week, add one more rep to each set. If you don’t scale reps, then keep as programmed.

C 10 min. to complete 7 sets of the following snatch complex – focus is skill, but build to heaviest weight possible
Mid thigh snatch + below knee snatch + snatch from ground – squat snatch if you have mobility to overhead squat

D. 10 rounds for max meters – max effor every round, no gaming!
:30 sec row sprint
:30 sec rest

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