Monday 2-26-18

Box Brief: Join us for Sunday Funday, 18.2 throwdown hosted by Snatch us if you can! Sun. 3/4 @ 9am. Location TBD once the workout is released!

* Remember to submit your scores for 18.1 no later than 8pm TODAY!


A)Every 3 minutes for 5 sets:
3 Front Squats

The goal is to build quickly to a heavy but not maximal set for 3 reps. The first set should be relatively light and allow for a heavy load for the final set.

B) 3 Rounds
15 Overhead Squats (125/85) *
15 Bar Facing Burpees

* If shoulders are sore from “18.1” use a PVC Pipe or light load for OHS.

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