Monday 3-31-14

 In WODs

Warm Up

 Group Dynamic Warm Up
5 min. Squat Therapy
5 min. Hip Mobility
5 min. to build up to back squat weight


 Back Squat
KB Swings


As you know by now, two Boston firefighters lost their lives last week – FF Michael Kennedy and Lt. Edward Walsh.  FF Michael Kennedy was a CrossFitter just like you and me.  I connected with one of the coaches at his box and they are working with CFHQ to create an official hero WOD.  If they come out with it we will of course do it, but in the meantime they have created the one below.  Be inspired and go hard.

The two men worked out of Engine 33/Ladder 15.

Mike “Dork” Kennedy
33 Back Squats (225/115)
15 Burpees
33 Deadlifts (225/115)
15 Burpees
33 KB Swings (70/53)
15 Burpees

Take back squat from ground if possible.


Travel WOD

15 min. AMRAP

33 Squats

15 Burpees

33 Good Mornings

15 Burpees

33 Tuck Jumps

15 Burpees

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