Monday 6-23-14

 In WODs

***********IMPORTANT SCHEDULE REMINDERS*******************

Starting this week the 9AM class will move to 9:30AM for the summer and the teens class will move from 4PM to 11AM.

Saturday and Sunday we have the privilege of hosting an L1 Seminar so we will have classes offsite:

  • Saturday 9AM – WOD and Swim Clinic at Nantasket Beach in Hull
  • Sunday 9AM WOD at Hingham Bathing Beach

Warm Up

Dynamic Warm Up with Achilles and Ankle Mobility


Running Form


Seven 2 minute rounds of:
200m Sprint
As many double unders as possible in time remaining

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.  Run 200m at full sprint every round


Travel WOD

Same as regular WOD.  If no rope available, do tuck jumps.

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