Monday 7-1-13

 In WODs

Warm Up

10 min.

20m Handstand Walks/Holds

10 Wall Squats


Front Rack Reverse Lunge

False Grip Ring Pull Up


Four sets of:
Front-Racked Alternating Reverse Lunges x 8-10 reps each leg @ 20X1
Rest 90 seconds
False Grip Ring Pull-Ups x Max reps @ 2110
Rest 90 seconds

Three rounds for time of:
Front Squats x 8 reps
400 Meter Run
(Barbell originates from the ground – no racks. Recommended weights are 185/135 lbs, but athletes are encouraged to scale up. The eighth rep should be a battle.)


CF Teens

1 Rep Max Day!!

1RM Back Squat

1RM Front Squat

Met Con:

Same as CF Class


Travel WOD

5 minute AMRAP
5 push up
10 sit up
15 squat


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