Monday 7/25/2016

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One week from today (Aug 1) we start a 6 week New You Challenge at RCFBC for 45 women looking to jump start their fitness. We will have separate classes for them at 6:30AM, 9:30AM, and 6:30PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. All logistics are planned to have plenty of space and equipment for all classes. They will be just as nervous as you were on your first day, so please show them how special this community is with your warm welcomes, high fives, and words of encouragement! Your encouragement could help change their lives!

5 Rounds:
Max Unbroken Bench Press (Bodyweight)
Max Unbroken Pull-Ups
3:00 Rest Between Rounds
Move directly from the bench press to the pull-ups. Score is total reps across all five rounds.

Accessory Work
Squat Accessory
A. 3×8 Back Squats
B. 5×1 Pausing OHS for 10 seconds

Courtesy of CFNE


Travel WOD
5 Rounds
Mac Unbroken Push Ups
Max Unbroken Burpees

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