Paleo Challenge Week 5 Update

After Week 5 (week ending February 23rd) Parrot Power maintains their lead just in front of a hard charging Fat Vendetta.  A huge shout out to our top 4 teams for all averaging over 100 points per week!  We will soon see how they did this past week.

Our last day of the paleo challenge is March 6th, so dial in and push a little further.  Rumor has it there are prizes for the top teams…hmmm.

If you aren’t one of the top teams, don’t worry about it.  Just like each and every WOD the point of this isn’t where you finish – it’s the result you get by working your hardest.  It’s how you fit in your clothes, how you feel mentally and physically, and what the health measurements say that really matters.  We will be retesting the baseline WOD, weight, and body fat percentage at the end of this week and beginning of next week.  So keep pushing until the end!!

I know several of us will probably splurge a little once the challenge is over, but I want you to seriously think about what you will do consistently when it is over.  I’ll write a post later in the week to provoke a few thoughts, but just start asking yourself what you may do.  Until then, eat well, work hard, and reap the benefits of your focus.

See you in class!


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