Paleo Zone Challenge Scoring and Tools

Congratulations, you are through the first work week of the paleo zone challenge!

Hopefully things are starting to make sense and preparation/planning are becoming easier.  That said, I’m sure you still have some questions, so I have included some tools and links below that I’ve either created, grabbed from Chris/Sharon/members, or pilfered from other boxes.  Hope it helps!

Tracking Scores

Individual Tracking

The point system we are using is the simplest I have seen, but I know it can still be confusing.  For that reason, I have included a spreadsheet to tally and track your INDIVIDUAL scores.  Simply answer yes or no each day about whether or not you ate paleo, followed zone, attended CF, and performed another activity (mobility, sport, etc.).  The spreadsheet does the rest!


Team Tracking

We will keep it technology simple to track team scoring.  By the end of the day tomorrow we will have a big leaderboard on the white board in the back room.  It is up to you and your team to total your scores and record them on the board.

Other Resources

Getting Started and Understanding Paleo Zone



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