Paul “Baby on Board” Goff

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

My wife Landin, baby girl Scarlett, dog Joey and I live in Scituate. We moved to the area about 3 years ago from the San Francisco Bay Area where I was stationed in the Air Force. We spent some time with our in-laws In Hull and finally settled in Scituate. My wife is a sales manager for a biotech company in Boston and I have 2 jobs. I am a pilot with Southwest Airlines and a Major and C-17 Airlift pilot in the New York Air National Guard. Together we are experiencing the joys of parenthood for the first time as our little Scarlett Amelia was born on September 13th.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

My CrossFit journey started soon after moving back to the Boston area. Like many I had been an athlete my whole life, playing college hockey and other sports for as long as I can remember. As I approached 35 I noticed I was getting a little thick around the middle and was out of breath walking up a flight of stairs. I was looking for a change and found it when I read  “The Four Hour Body”  by Tim Ferris. If you haven’t read it, it’s sort of a hackers guide to human performance. I started following the diet he recommended which is pretty similar to Paleo with a few minor changes and jumped whole heartedly into the world of proper nutrition, fitness and performance. I joined a certain globo-gym not too far from RCFBC and was doing yoga, hiking and working out on my overnights.  I was seeing some progress but finding myself bored and un-inspired in my workouts. I had played team sports my entire life and just couldn’t get excited about your normal globo workout.  Like many others I watched as RCFBC went up next door and really didn’t even know what it was. I remembered a chapter in Tim Ferris’s book where he interviewed Kelly Starrett and discussed the benefits of CrossFit. Then I read another book (lots of free time when you are flying all the time) called “Into the Box.” That got me extremely interested in CrossFit. I stopped in one day, met Mike and I was hooked.  Because of my odd schedule, on ramp was almost impossible for me to complete, but Mike was gracious enough to basically do a 1 on 1 on ramp for me and I haven’t looked back. Mike put me on an erg to warm up and told me to do like 1000m, then he went into the office and was working with some other clients. I thought maybe he was testing me so I just kept rowing until he came back, I think I rowed like 6000m :-).  That was about a year and a half ago and I believe I will be a CrossFitter for life.  

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

To me it is the difference between something I just do and something I love. I am inspired every day by the struggles of others and pushed every day to get better, stronger and faster. I have met so many great people at RCFBC and look forward to seeing everyone each day. Even the days I am traveling I log on to check out the next days WOD just to see what everyone is up to.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

My CrossFit accomplishments are probably too many to list. I’m not making it to the games anytime soon but I did get a muscle up, I can do unbroken double unders and my overall strength and conditioning is better than it has ever been in my entire life. Every day is a struggle but every day brings another small accomplishment. This year I jumped out of my comfort zone and completed my first triathlon with almost no training except for CrossFit. I finished in the top 1/3 of my age group and enjoyed it so much I completed two more. I also bought a road bike this summer and have ridden over 700 miles. I credit CrossFit and RCFBC for inspiring me to take on these challenges and try new things. 

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

I want to improve every aspect of my CrossFit workouts and there are many areas for improvement. The Olympic lifts are my weakness and due to some lingering shoulder issues all of the overhead lifts are a challenge. I am working on my weaknesses all the time and getting stronger every day.  I plan to work on my swimming over the winter and next summer I will step up to an Olympic distance triathlon.  Most importantly I want to find time to do all of this while raising a Newborn!

6.  How does it feel to be a father for the first time?  

Well it’s only been 2 weeks and I know it’s cliche but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I woke up one day and everything had changed for the better. My wife and I waited pretty long to have kids and everyone told us how great it would be but I have to say until I experienced it for myself it I had no idea. I can’t wait until she is a little older and I can introduce her to CrossFit and RCFBC.

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