RCFBC 2.0 – Pursuit of Excellence – New Coaches, New Services, New Facility Updates, New You

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, we have a tooooon of awesome things coming your way!  The pursuit of excellence continues.

New Services with a Consolidated Membership

It’s amazing how much we’ve evolved over the last 4 years.  We started in a dingy little room behind Ralph’s and have since grown into a 10,000 sqft facility with multiple fitness options.  We have seen these additional options bring a whole new set of people into our community and add extra benefit for our CrossFit family.  As great as it has been, we are making two changes that will take this service to the next level.  We are still a little early in communicating it to the general public, but wanted you guys to know first!

Change #1: Yoga is here!  We’ve built a yoga studio right behind the GHD wall.  By the end of the week it’ll have new lighting, new floors, new paint, and some sound baffling.  Heather Reardon will be running the studio and offering free classes for a week in early August.  We will communicate the schedule and how to sign-up shortly.

Change #2: One membership for all non-CF services.  In the past we saw members (CF and non-CF) paying one membership for bootcamp, another membership for cycling, and then even another membership at other places for yoga.  We’ve fixed that.  Now there is just one membership for all non-CF classes.  This should make things way easier and more affordable for all participants.  To be clear, there is absolutely no change to regular CrossFit memberships or pricing.  If you don’t want to use the other services, then you don’t pay for them. Pricing for the non-CF services is below and memberships can be purchased through the riprides site here.  We will soon integrate the purchase site into our RCFBC site.

Non-CF Service Pricing (Yoga, Bootcamp, Cycling)

Drop In $17

5 Classes/Month $75

10 Classes/Month $130

15 Classes/Month $165

Unlimited Classes/Month $179

*Note: any legacy bootcamp members are welcome to continue to purchase the previous package types, but they will only be used for bootcamp.

New Facility Updates

Every so often we do a complete audit of our facility to determine how we can add more value to both the members and the business to ensure we can offer a better service for quite a long time.  Sometimes it’s simple things like two months ago when we hired a cleaning company to come 2x/week instead of 1 and contracted with Cintas for soap/paper refills.  Other times it is equipment additions or reorganization.  Now, it’s time for a little rearranging.  Monday morning you will see a few changes in progress!

1 – Yoga Studio

We built a yoga studio!  The room behind the GHD room will be our new yoga studio.  By Monday morning, it’ll look quite different than today.  Yoga is such a great compliment to CrossFit so we wanted a defined space for it.

2 – Doc is Expanding

Dr. Olivieri is adding on an additional space that will replace the current kids zone (don’t worry, those little ninjas won’t be homeless).  We are super pumped Doc is in a position to expand his business to serve more people in both the internal and external community.

3 – New Kids Zone, No More Eye Sore

The kids zone will be rebuilt where the cubbies and vending machine currently sit.  The space is a little larger than the previous one and will have a baby gate as well to keep those ninjas safe and sound inside the area.  We will be getting rid of the big ole vending machine and going back to a small fridge.  Cubbies are already in the locker room areas and should be used for temporary storage. The cubbies were always meant to store things during class and never overnight.  As more folks have joined the community it’s become quite the mountain of leftover items and an eye sore.  We will keep the cubbies out for a week for folks to grab their stuff, so please come make your claims.  After that, each evening cubbies will be cleared and items put in a bin.  Once a month, we will donate whatever is left in the bin to a local charity.

4 – Members Lounge, New Front Desk Location

The final part of our facility upgrade is a members lounge area.  We will use some of the dead space right when you walk in for our front desk area and use the old front desk area as a lounge.  This switch gives you an opportunity to hang out, unwind, answer some emails, or whatever else.  The new desk location adds a much better flow and entrance into the facility while keeping a safer environment (i.e. no more walking through classes) for all athletes.

New Coaches

It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of 4 people to our team.  Each of these four people brings a member first attitude, high character, rich experience, and a unique set of talents to our team.

Dr. Chris Olivieri – CrossFit Coach


I have been passionate about health and fitness since as long as I could remember. From a very young age, I loved going to the pediatrician and getting a great “report card”. But I was always curious why other family members and people around me left with poor reports, prescription drugs and recommendations to lose weight and start exercising. I was even more fascinated when they didn’t follow through with those recommendations. The poor diet, lack of exercise, and overall unhealthy lifestyle led to obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems, immobility and eventually death at a young age. Those experiences helped shape my core values and eventually led to a life and a career in health and wellness.

Growing up I was very active. I surfed, played hockey, lifted weights, ran, studied martial arts, and played neighborhood street games like relievio and kick the can. I was never any good at video games so I spent almost all of my time outdoors, in the rink or gym, and in the water. I went off to college with the hopes of playing college sports when I suffered a season ending injury that would change the course of my life. My focus shifted from wanting to play collegiate sports to wanting to help athletes maximize performance through sports medicine. I enrolled in the Sports Medicine program at the University of Massachusetts and then went on to New York Chiropractic College graduating with honors in 2000.

My CrossFit Journey began in 2013, when I opened up Olivieri Chiropractic and Sports Medicine inside Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove. The chiropractic and CrossFit philosophies are very similar – the emphasis on proper movement and function, the importance of diet in overall health, the drive to stay healthy and active throughout your life, and of course the community. It was a natural fit and I was immediately drawn to it. Over the past three years, I have witnessed people create friendships, inspire one another, and completely revolutionize, not just their health, but their life as well as the lives around them. I am honored to be a part of that and will work hard as your coach and your chiropractor to give you every opportunity to transform your life.

Sean Murphy – CrossFit Coach


RCFBC Member and now coach, Sean Murphy has deep roots in the CrossFit community.  Sean is one of those folks we like to call an OG -an original gangsta of CrossFit.  He was doing and coaching CrossFit before anyone new what it was about.  From 2008-2009 he coached under THE Kelly Starrett at San Francisco CrossFit until he opened up his own box, CrossFit Sausalito.  He ran that for four years and even opened up a second location before he sold both and moved to the East Coast.  Sean now deals in real estate while also running his online Lacrosse strength & conditioning, Boost Lacrosse.  Sean’s character, style of coaching, and entrepreneur outlook is a perfect addition to the team.





Heather Reardon – Yoga GM and (soon to be) CF Coach

image1 (2)I grew up in Cohasset, and was always very involved in sports. I was a three sport captain in High School (field hockey, basketball, softball) and during the “off” season, I participated in camps, travel teams and clinics to improve my skills. When I was a freshman in college, I began taking yoga and after a few classes, I was hooked. Not only did I love how my body felt physically after the class, but I also loved the mental clarity and overall sense of well being I gained each time I left the studio. In 2010, I enrolled in a yoga teaching training program, left my full-time corporate job, and made yoga my career. Through teaching yoga, I have been able to work with people of all different backgrounds and abilities, and have furthered my education to teach special populations such as children, prenatal and postnatal clients. In 2012, I traveled to Costa Rica as a guest yoga instructor for an Eco-resort in the rainforest. While there, I led daily yoga classes to students from all over the world, some who didn’t even speak English, which goes to show you, yoga really is for everybody! As an instructor, I love to see my students grow within their own practice. Whether it be improving their sport through added strength, flexibility and mobility, overcoming injuries, or just having a better way of coping with stress from work or life, it is always amazing to hear how a steady yoga practice has changed peoples lives for the better. As an athlete myself, yoga has allowed my body to stay healthy and avoid injuries from overtraining and overuse. In addition to the physical benefits, my focus, patience, and mental clarity has also improved tremendously. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

When I’m not teaching or taking yoga, I love running, swimming, and Crossfit. I am also certified in barre and spinning. I have participated in numerous triathlons, and have completed 3 marathons (Boston 2012, 2013 and Chicago 2015). I love to travel, stay active, live a healthy lifestyle, and just spend as much time as I can with my husband, Pat, and our 2 year old daughter, Madison (and our 3 dogs!).

Kristen Burm – Cycling GM

KRISTENTechnically Kristen isn’t new, but she is new to the role of general manager of cycling at Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove! Kristen is an experienced Certified Group Cycling Instructor, Personal  Trainer and  Registered Dietitian.  When Group Cycling was just catching on as a fitness trend, Kristen stepped into her first class with her mother almost 20 years ago! Kristen’s passion of the past was running- anything from a 5K to a marathon.  Then one day, she followed her desire to be a Group Cycling instructor.  A Personal Trainer Certification (ACE) and Barre Certification followed suit, as Kristen loves instructing challenging group fitness classes.  She always works to push class participants to their limits so they can meet their personal fitness goals.

Kristen has been a Hingham Resident for over 13 years and enjoys watching her three children play all of their favorite sports.


New You Challenge

I already posted a bit about this earlier in the week, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Scott Graham and I have interviewed well over 60 women so far for a 6 week fitness and nutrition challenge called the New You challenge.  This challenge is for women who have never set foot in these doors and are at a point in life where they need a jump start.  These interviews really brought us back to the WHY we do what we do. It’s amazing what a symbol of hope this challenge represents for so many of these women. We are talking about women rebounding from domestic situations, cancer, depression, deaths in the family, etc. It could very well be these next 6 weeks, this gym, and more importantly this community/your welcoming attitude that give them the fresh start they need.

Starting Monday for the next 6 weeks, 15 ladies at 6:30AM, 9:30AM, and 6:30PM will be embarking on their new journey in a separate class in the back.  There will be a lot of activity, but some amazing things happening.  We have all the logistics worked out, so enjoy the buzz and show them what this community is all about.

It’s also not lost on us that for many of you this place is much the same bright spot and inspiration. Thank you for being here, thank you for building the community in the way that you have, and thank you for helping change lives these next 6 weeks.

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