RCFBC Opening Week Community Highlights

Hey Community!

It’s hard to believe that the opening week of Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove is already behind us!  Chris, Sharon, and I went into this with a very specific vision of creating a powerful community that generated results both inside and outside of the box for each member.  As I mentioned in the first day of On Ramp, the realization of this vision is bigger than just us and at the end of the day it really comes down to you, the members.  There is of course much more to go, but as I think back on even the first week, I am both amazed and humbled at what is beginning to form.  I see strangers becoming friends, athletes doing things they “couldn’t” do, and members putting in extra work to get better at weaknesses.  I have a unique vantage point to observe these things occurring, so I felt compelled to share some of the highlights and stoies with you from the opening week.

1.  Members Intentionally Creating Community

In one of the Tuesday evening classes, I was talking with one of our athletes about attendance that day.  She asked me how many people showed up to the 5:30AM and  I told her that we only had 1 in the early class but it went really well.  The next morning at 5:30AM, this same athlete showed up.  I told her I was impressed she was back a mere 12 hours later to take the next class.  She responded by saying that she wanted there to be community so she came to the early class to make sure there was more than just one person. That fired me up!!  Three days into CrossFit and our community is already doing things like that…I love it!


2. Athletes Supporting Athletes

There were several examples of members supporting each other, but the most vivid one I have is the first WOD.  I was working with one of our athletes to scale the run to a row, so she started a few minutes after everyone else in the WOD.  Naturally she finished after them as well and was just determined to make it through those pushusps.  We all remember how spicy those were!  Everyone gathered around her and did pushups with her until she finished.  That motivated me, so I can only imagine what it did for her!


3. Determination and Results

We have already had about 4 members stay after class or come early to work on movement weaknesses or fears.  In just minutes of work, I’ve witnessed 2 first time box jumps, an incredible improvement is squatting, and a deadlift that transitioned from unsafe to respectable.  We all have weaknesses and will continue to find more.  They can be very frustrating and it’s easy to just avoid these movements.  But if you can attack them head on and put in the extra effort, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve!

These were just 3 of the many highlights from our community in just ONE WEEK!!  We are all in a unique position to establish something amazing.  I’d say we are off to a great start….


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