RCFBC Sport Programming is Here!

Hey Folks!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our sport programming!  This programming is designed for those that want to make CrossFit their sport by competing locally or regionally.

Why the additional programming?

Greg Glassman himself said that the needs of athletes vary by degree, not kind.  In the CrossFit world, this means that competitors need to move larger weights, handle higher volumes, and master higher order movements than the general CrossFit athlete.  As you would expect, this means that competitors need more practice with higher ordered skills, larger volume, and heavier weights.

How will it work?

My favorite thing about CrossFit is that the best athlete can do the same workout right next to the most novice athlete.  That experience is so powerful and essential to building a great community, so that isn’t changing!

ALL athletes in class will have the option to:

A) Do the sport version of the WOD, which will be in brackets.  Example: Monday the sport option is to use 70/53lb kbs instead of 53/35lbs kbs.

B) Stay after to complete accessory work on their own.  This will be ADDITIONAL work after class.  Example: On Monday athletes can stay after for sets of strict handstand push ups.  Note – the after class work will not be coached.

Even if you don’t want to compete, but there are some days you want the extra challenge because you are good at those movements, then go for it!

Things to think about

As both your head coach and a decently experienced competitor, I want you to think about three things.

1. Preserve the stimulus.

I’m going to talk out of both sides of my mouth for a bit.  On one hand, the best way to learn to lift heavy things is to start lifting heavy things.  On the other, it’s important to preserve the stimulus of the WOD.  Example: Fran is designed to be a sub 5 (or even 3 really) minute workout.  If you Rx Fran to push yourself and it takes 15 minutes (my first one did!) then you clearly over reached a bit.  It’s not clear cut, so ask a coach if you are unsure if sport is right for you that day!

2. Focus on proper movement and mobility first.

By pursuing CrossFit as a sport, you are going to be asking your body to do more than it has ever done before.  You are going to learn that your limits are further than you think, which is amazing!  You will also be doing more volume than ever before, which means proper movement is imperative.  I’ve seen athletes in all sports sustain injuries because they were training at a high lever and their bodies didn’t have the movement and mobility to sustain it.  Spend the time on movement/mobility and I promise you your sport experience will be so much better!

3. Keep your goals in mind.

When you decide to compete at a higher level in any sport it demands more of your time, your life, and your body.  You will spend more time training.  You will have more aches and pains.  You will have less time to do other things you like to do.  As long as the rewards and gains outweigh the sacrifices then it is far worth it.  Just make sure you know what is most important to you and that those things are still happening!

We are always striving to better your fitness experience, so we hope you guys will enjoy this new little wrinkle!


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