RCFBC’s New Services!

Hey Bare Covers!

We are beyond excited to announce all of the additions and changes we created as a result of YOUR feedback!  We take your thoughts and needs seriously, which we hope you will see reflected in what we have created.


So I know you are super pumped to read about all the changes, but three quick things I want to preface everything with.

1) We are committed to delivering these services with excellence.  We have spent several weeks planning everything about these including the programming, scheduling, facility utilization, staffing, equipment, class sizes, etc.  Yes, there will likely be some growing pains here and there but we are committed to making this rock face and will make adjustments if needed.  

2) It’s high value but not free.  As I mentioned in the survey write up, a higher level of service requires a higher level of investment from both us as staff and you as a member.  So yes, there is a financial investment associated with using more services but on the flip side there is an even higher level of commitment from our staff to you as an athlete!  With everything we are offering we spent a lot of time estimating increased costs and assessing the value of the services….the good part is if you don’t want it, you don’t pay for it!  In the end, at service options that deliver a tremendous value.

3) Nothing is changing with your current CrossFit membership.  From day 1 your membership gave you unlimited CrossFit classes and that’s NOT changing.  Not your pricing.  Not your access.  I repeat, nothing is changing…with the exception that we are adding another CrossFit class time of course….we figured you wouldn’t mind 🙂 



I know some of you want the cliff notes, so here they are.  We have added 3 monthly service options for you that you can turn on or off on a monthly basis.

CrossFit + – for $5/week you get access to Sundays, mobility, and open gym any time.  (+$20/month)

CrossFit Yoga + – for as little as $7/class you get unlimited yoga classes on top of the entire CrossFit + package. (+$49/month)

CrossFit All Access – If you are interested in Oly, you get it for no more than $10/class on top of unlimited access for every other class we offer including yoga! (+$79/month)

Change Details

Change #1: 9:30AM class is now a women’s only class AND we have added an 8:30AM class.

Our MomRamp has been very successful, which means there is a whole bunch of strong ladies that will be added to the mid morning time slot very soon! We have already seen a really cool subculture start to grow among some of the ladies, so we want to help foster that.  Don’t worry my mid-morning bros – we added an 8:30AM class for you….ladies also welcome of course!

Change #2: Night classes will shift up a half hour to 5PM, 6PM, and 7PM

A few folks requested a 4:30PM class, but with our growing kids and teens program it just wasn’t possible.  Instead we pulled everything up a half hour to help those folks out.  Additionally, this will help spread out some of our evening folks among the classes so you get an even better coach to member ratio!

Change #3: Mobility is back and open gym is here including SUNDAY…..yes, that’s right, SUNDAY!

Meet the first of our new monthly service package offerings – CrossFit +.  CrossFit + gives you unlimited access to open gym and mobility classes for that month.  This means you can come to any mobility class (offered 2x/week) or any open gym time.  Open gym time is Saturday 9AM-Noon, Sunday 10AM-Noon, and any time on a week day outside of these times: 7:30AM-8:30AM and 1:30PM-4:00PM.  Use this time to work on skills, catch up on that WOD you missed, mobilize, etc.  Please be responsible when it comes to weight and stay safe!!  It shouldn’t be a time to find a 1RM Deadlift.  

Cost: To go from the 6 hours of access/week you have now (assumes 1 class/day) to 60+ hours of gym access/week the cost is $20/month…that averages out to $5/week for an extra 60 hours of availability each week.  All of the monthly services can be added and subtracted on a monthly basis regardless of your base CrossFit membership duration.

Change #4: Yoga!!!!

Finally we are bringing Yoga back!  It’s coming back in the form of our second monthly option – CrossFit Yoga +.  In addition to the open gym and mobility from CrossFit +, this one allows unlimited access to Yoga!  Classes will be Sundays at 9AM and Tuesday nights at 7:30PM.  Of course we can alter these times down the road if we need.  We will try out a few external teachers and keep the ones that YOU want.

Cost: You get unlimited Yoga access for as little as $7/class or put monthly: $49/month.

Change #5: Specialty Classes – Olympic Lifting, Obstacle Course Racing, Skills, and Mobility

Oh yeah, so now you are fired up!  Meet the final monthly option – CrossFit All Access.  It’s exactly what it sounds like – you get access to any and every class offered at RCFBC including open gym, yoga, and our sweet new specialty classes! Here is an overview of each.

Olympic Lifting/Strength: True to it’s name, this will focus on perfecting the technique and building the strength needed to hone your oly skills.  This is a two day/week 8 week cycle program with the following times – Monday 6PM, Tuesday 5:30AM, Thursday 5:30AM, and Saturday 8:00AM.  The idea is for you to hit either Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Saturday. If there is strong demand for another time, let us know!  In general, JD will lead Monday and Saturday with  Robo, Harrison, and Kaylee crushing the others.  They will wow you with their knowledge.  We are capping class sizes to 10 to ensure the right quality.  If demand is high enough, we will add classes to ensure we meet demand without compromising quality.

Obstacle Course Racing: Oh yeah, this is gonna be sweet.  It will be offered 3 days/week.  Two days during the week will be traditional CrossFit with a bias that focuses on more agility, balance, bounding, etc.  Saturday will be application in environment – think running the obstacle course at Reebok CrossFit One, rock climbing, train running, etc.

Skills with MikeSo a lot of us have the same nagging issues with certain skills – double unders, pull ups, butterfly pull ups, etc.  This class with your bearded head coach will choose one moment (made public ahead of time) and solely focus on getting you better at that movement.  The movement will change week to week based on demand 🙂

Mobility: Harrison Anthony, his infinite mobility wisdom, and lots of torture devices to make you move better.  Yup, that about covers it.


Drop-ins are allowed for all classes with the exception of Olympic Lifting.  Pricing is listed in the graphic.  So why not Olympic Lifting?  Olympic lifting is a true program that you need to commit to in order to get the value.  In fact, we will hold everyone accountable for hitting their two days/week.  If you put in the time you will get better!  If not, we need to open that spot for someone else.

How to Sign Up

There are two steps for the sign up.

1) Sign up for whichever monthly service you want.  This can be done in person or on our website starting Monday, September 29th.

2) Sign up for the class you are coming to.  Unlike our regular classes, we have limited availability and size of these classes.  We will open them up a week in advance for you to sign up for that particular class.


Don’t worry we will have a ton of communication coming your way (including the new schedule), but if you have any questions, please ask a coach or email me at coaches@reebokcrossfitbarecove.com.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are!!


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