Sarah “Sadie” Joy

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I am 34 years old and one of the most laid back and happiest person you will encounter. My life basically revolves around my little boy (Aiden), whose temperament is as stable as New England weather during the approach of his 5th birthday. When I am not playing mom, you can usually find me at one of my 2 jobs. My full-time position is the Hingham Fire Department. I’ve been on for just about nine years here. I play the role of both firefighter/paramedic, depending how the call comes in. Since we have plenty of paramedics per group, we rotate from ambulance to engine driver (and YES, they let me drive the engines lol). My part-time gig is for a local private ambulance company working as a paramedic only. It’s what I know and love for the last 15 years since I began in the field.

 2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Up to about second grade, I was known to be the fastest runner in the neighborhood and was extremely active. At some point just prior to middle school I had gained a substantial amount of weight (170 pounds by the age fifteen). This is where the head-spin began. I was very uncomfortable in my skin and lost my outgoing attitude due to poor self esteem. I tried every silly fad diet you can think of. So many attempts that would ultimately fail. I did lose the weight over time, but let’s be honest, I was far from healthy. I had just been introduced into zumba just prior to CrossFit. Otherwise, my exercise was basically the activity done at work. A few years ago I heard of the First Responder challenge in Hanson that involved CrossFit. I looked it up and have to admit, the photos were enticing. As much as I would love to be part of it, I convinced I could NEVER do the stuff the participants were doing. The weights looked so big and everyone looked so exhausted. The popularity grew and I really wanted in on it over time. After driving by RCFBC for probably the millionth time, I told my partner to park the ambulance so I could sign up. If I kept waiting to be ‘ready’ like I believed I had to be, it was just not going to get done. I wanted it and now here I am a little over a year later and in love with my rash decision.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

The community at RCFBC has helped me in countless ways. I have never been part of anything that has involved so many positive, encouraging, and nonjudgmental people. I know I can just show up and workout and there will be no hassle. Everyone is so helpful and aspires me in there own little ways. Whether it be form, strength, or mental drive. And as much as I know that we never compete with one another, sometimes I am pushed by watching a fellow classmate go harder. I love the community, and to me, it just feels like the sort of place I belong. Regular gyms just would never cut it for me. The coaches have an eye on you and the workouts really transform you. I have described CrossFit to my mother like a little pill box filled with bouncing Prozac’s and heavy stuff. It’s just a happy and healthy group of people that I enjoy being around.

 4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

My accomplishments while being a CrossFitter after a year would include a 220# deadlift and toes to bar, although my kip needs more practice. My form has its days, but I’ve really grown to like the snatch. One of the bigger accomplishment I’m most proud of though is the active participation in different events. I have truly fallen in love with obstacle courses. I also have gotten to the point with help from RCFBC to be in good enough shape to join fundraising events that I enjoy as well. One important one being the Scott Climb for leukemia in which you climb up 69 flights in full turnout gear with helmet/gloves and ‘on air’ using an airtank to raise awareness to Leukemia.

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Challenges? Well that includes many. As previously stated, my kip needs to be worked on. With a good kip, I believe it will open the door to an increase in speed for the WODs and/or competitions. RING DIPS, I just really want to do a ring dip. I have had an ultimate goal of a muscle up for pretty much a year now, but for the love of everything sacred, I need to achieve the ring dip! My main focus though, form and trying to build up on my snatch and squat cleans.

6. Has doing CrossFit help with being a firefighter? 

Incorporating CrossFit into my life has greatly improved my work performance. I no longer feel the pains in my shoulders when I lift my first in bag. My air tank also doesn’t hurt my neck since I’ve been able to build up some traps to support the weight. Just my mobility in full gear alone makes my job that much easier. Lifting patients and equipment have profoundly gotten better. The big improvement that CrossFit has provided me as far as my job goes shows during fire ground tasks such as overhaul (tearing wall/ceiling to check for fire extension), hose work, or venting the roof. I feel the more I keep up with CrossFit the less likely an injury to myself or someone else could occur.

 I just love RCFBC. I love every aspect of it!

Sarah Joy AKA “Sadie” is one tough go getter.  She is extremely active in all kinds of charity events and mud runs.  Her last name “Joy” fits her well as she is all around happy.  We are very lucky to know Sadie and have her and Aiden apart of RCFBC.  Thank you for all your hard work in  the local community fighting fires and saving lives!

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