Saturday 1-18-14

 In WODs

We have the pleasure of training many members of the Hingham Crew team.  As you may have seen, we have partnered together to put on the Iceberg Classic on February 9th.  The setup is simple – teams of 4 (men, women, or mixed), one person works at a time, one erg, row as far as possible in 1 hour.

Watching the transitions alone will be worth it!  We encourage as many of you as possible to do it.  It’s really just for fun and a cool way to enjoy fitness together.

With that as inspiration, we are doing a many version this Saturday so you get a little taste of the madness!

Warm Up

CrossFit WarmUp 3×10


Partner Transitions


Teams of 4

40min. AMRAP – 1 person working at a time.  1 erg.  Transition when you want.

Row as far as possible


Travel WOD

12 min. AMRAP

Run as far as possible

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