Saturday 10-12-13

 In WODs

We will not be having any classes Saturday or Sunday due to the L1 Seminar!

A group of folks are meeting at the track at Cohasset High School at 9AM to do the WOD if you would like to join.

Warm Up

Jog 400m

100m Frankensteins

100 m High Knees

100m But Kickers

100m Brisk Run

10 min. Mobility

100m Sprint at 75%

100m Sprint at 100%

Rest and mobilize for another 5 min


Six distances, each for time; rest amply between distances:
1x 1-mile Run (4 laps around the track)
2x 800-meter Run
1x 400-meter Run
2x 200-meter Run

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