Saturday 10-18-14

 In WODs

Community Note:  Good luck to our 40+ athletes running the O2X race this weekend! Most importantly, remember the cheat movement this week is burpees!!!!

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice


DB Step Ups


Teams of 3
20 min. to row as many meters as possible…..wait there is more 🙂

One person on the erg. Switch whenever, but no one may row longer than 2 minutes in a row. The other two must EACH complete 10 DB Step Ups (45LBS 24″/35LBS 20″) and 10 GHDs before a switch is made. Once a new person is on the rower, both of those “resting” must each complete the step ups and GHDs.

Partner 1 is rowing. Partner 2 completes 10DB step ups while partner 3 completes 10 GHDs. Partner 2 then completes 10 GHDs and partner 1 completes 10DB stepups. Partner 1 is replaced by partner 2 on the erg. Partner 1 must complete 10 DB step ups and 10 GHDs and partner 3 must complete another 10 DB step ups and 10 GHDs before partner 2 can be replaced.


Travel WOD

Run 1 mile for time.  Stop every 200m to complete 10 jumping lunges and 10 sit ups.

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