Saturday 10-4-14

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Community: Don’t forget – our new class times start Monday!  We know a lot of you have various upcoming races, so we are opening up the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) classes for no additional charge the next two weeks.  

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice


Pull Up Scaling
Explain the WOD


“Team Double Cindy”
20 min. AMRAP – both partners moving at the same time. Reps of each movement are total for the team. Split them how you desire. You may not move on to the next movement until all reps are completed for the current movement.
10 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
30 Squats

Example: Athlete 1 and Athlete 2 both start on pull ups, working at the same time. Athlete 1 does 6 pull ups while athlete 2 completes 4 pullups. Their total is 10 so they now move on to push ups.

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