Saturday 2-8-14

 In WODs

Warm Up

Teams of 4 – 2 minute stations – 1 person per first 4 stations
Hip Ext
Lower Back Mobility Side 1
Lower Back Mobility Side 2


Partner Deadlifts


“Get a Grip”

Teams of 4:
2 RFT – Round 1 two partners do all the work listed first while the other two do the work listed last. Round 2 switch.

1000m Row (each partner rows 500m) while AMRAP partner deadlifts (athletes choose the weight)
100 KB Swings (1 partner working at a time – 70/53) while partners hold barbell

There are two scores: 1) time 2)number of deadlifts*barbell weight. Barbell weight may not exceed 400lbs.


Travel WOD

200 Squat Jumps for time

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