Saturday 3-2-2013

 In WODs

Warm Up

Group Dynamic Warm Up


Bear Crawls

Burpee Slam Ball Thrusters

Ring Dips


“Bear Crawls and Slam Balls”

Teams of 3

6 min. AMRAP
All three working
Bear Crawl
Slam Balls (20/18)
Ring Dips at Jumping Height

Rest 3 Minutes

4 min. AMRAP
Burpee Slam Ball Thrusters (20/18)

After Party

Skill Work


Travel WOD

Run, Row, Ski, etc. for 30 minutes


Mobility WOD

3 minutes of Squatting to Warm Up Legs

3 Rounds:

Stretch each hamstring using your favorite hamstring stretch for 2 minutes

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