Saturday Night Fever – 15.5 Style

Alright Bare Covers!

The Open can be a grueling 5 weeks on the mind and body.  It’s easy for our excitement and energy levels to diminish by the end, but not this time!  Why you ask?  Simple – we’re gonna party!

It’s pretty simple – at 7PM on Saturday, March 28th, we do whatever WOD the evil Dave Castro programs for us and then we party like it’s the 1970s.  Yes you better come dressed 70s style.  Want to wear it during your workout? Even better!

We will release more details as we get closer, but in typical fashion we will do this potluck style with some adult beverages and a good time.  You all will have earned it!

Didn’t sign up for the open? No worries man, come throwdown and join us anyway.

Stay Tuned!


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