Scott Graham Part of Ownership

It is with great pleasure that we announce Scott Graham as part of our ownership team!

The first day you walk in to a CrossFit box, you have no idea what to expect or where it will take you.  We’ve all been there.  Really you hope to just make it through the first class and pray that you have found a fitness regimen that will actually work.  Days and weeks go by and you start doing things you’ve never done.  Your body changes, your confidence changes, and you meet amazing people – it’s intoxicating! Some people decide to even take the next step and become a coach to spread that same goodness to others.  An even crazier few decide to take the bold, risky, and most satisfying/challenging step of all to become an owner of a box.

Chris, Sharon, and I each went through that process.  To see Scott, our own community member, go through the same experience under our roof and end up as part of our team is more than amazing.  Scott came in a guy with a positive attitude, questionable mobility, great hair, and a determination to get fit.  As the years have progressed, Scott has turned in to a relatable, passionate, talented coach and much improved athlete.  Frankly, he makes our community (both RCFBC and SciCoh) better.  As we mapped out a plan to get our community and business where we want it to be, we knew that Scott’s talent as a coach, integrity as a person, background in the corporate world, and ability to make the sacrifices necessary to be an involved owner was just what was needed to help us reach our goals.

Once again, it is with great pride that we welcome Scott to the team.  We look forward to continuing to build the best community we can!

Chris, Sharon, and Mike

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