Scott “The Star” Graham

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

 I’m 51 years old, originally from New Jersey, I have been living in Hingham for 7 years with my wife MaryEllen and I enjoy long walks on the beach. (Sorry that last comment was from my single days). I was never sure what I wanted to do in life, so I had a plethora of jobs in the early stages of my employment career that made for some very interesting stories. I was a movie extra for about 2 years and although I never had a speaking part, I was lucky enough to be part of this casting group that had an agent working for us. So I was never assembled in these mass 200-500 extra casting calls because she had the inside track on the interesting gigs.  For example, I was a regular extra on a show called “Equal Justice”, again no speaking parts, but it did star a young actress by the name of Sarah Jessica Parker. We never talked but I’m sure she is kicking herself in the ass now that I’m on, “Member Monday”.   I also had a 4 week part as an outer space mechanic in the movie called, “Mom and Dad Saved the World”.  It had a star studded cast with John Lovitz, Terri Garr, Jeffery Jones (principal Ferris Buller), Kathy Ireland, and Dwyer Brown ( Ray Casella dad in Field of Dreams).  The movie was written by someone who had experimented way too much with recreational pills or other mind altering things. You can actually see me in the movie during a few scenes……A) if you show it frame by frame and B) trust me when I say, “that is me!!!” I was a club DJ for a few years and parlayed that into hosting a new music hour show on a radio station called Y102.  My friend Manny and I eventually started a mobile DJ business doing weddings and various other parties. Our claim to fame was warming up the crowd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas prior to a Hypnotist show for a huge corporation. Nothing better than seeing guys in Tuxedos and gals in dinner dresses tapping their feet to the soothing sounds of Heavy D and the Boyz.  I have been a sales headhunter for the last 15 years, 7 of those years spent with an executive search firm and the last 8 internally with some pretty hot tech companies.  Today I work for a company called Iron Mountain managing all sales recruiting activities for North America. But my first love is still broadcasting.  For the last 5 years, from late August till Early April, I spend my weekends doing play by play for a junior hockey team called the “Baystate Breakers”. They play in the USPHL, an 11 team junior league. The teams run from upstate New York to Philadelphia with the average age between 18-21.  The league had 70 players commit to Division 1 hockey programs last year. All the home games are broadcasted Live and in HD on a portal called I’m the play by play guy, the color commentary, the researcher, I do the in between period interviews and act as the public address announcer. This year we are also going to incorporate a podcast once a week during the season starting in July.

 2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

 I was working out at Fitness together in Hingham with my wife.  One of our trainers was a member of CrossFit 781.  I eventually signed up for some one on one sessions with him where he introduced me to some semblance of CrossFit. We were limited by the weights, equipment and pull-up rigs at the gym.  However, he did incorporate some workouts like the 21-15-9, or filthy fifty with different movements. I really enjoyed the challenge of the workouts.  One day my wife came home and told me about a CrossFit gym opening in the old Talbots store in Hingham. I took a ride over and saw a sign that said something about workouts out back. A few months later I saw activity in the gym and watched the workout from my car, I was pretending to read the Boston Globe so as to not seem creepy.  That next day I emailed Mike and registered for On-Ramp April 29,  2013 with fellow classmates and current members Zee and Nanette. I even signed up for the box battle during my first week which was hilarious. Like everyone else, I heard all the negative comments about CrossFit, even from our gym owner.  I only wish I would have put that aside to start sooner.

 3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

I never really thought about the community part when I first started CrossFit.  It was all about the workouts for me, my very first exposure to the community was during the Box Battle. I really didn’t know many people but I remember them cheering for me.  I remember watching Amanda and Chris as teammates, which I found very inspiring. But the event ending up being a very big escape for me for about 8 hours, as my sister in law was in the final stages of pancreatic cancer.  I remember I almost pulled out of the event because of that, but again people who didn’t know me offered their best wishes and these strangers at the time provided me a quick insight to the support of the community as well as fond memories of the day.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

 Oh Hands down the open!! Just months prior I did the masters competition at CFNE and had trouble with 95lb thrusters, I believe I only did twelve, so if you can fast forward to workout 14.5 which I completed in 26:24 that was satisfying to me. I was able to deadlift 275 one time in 14.3, when my max was 205. I swear Shaun never gave me his special morning drink to help my performance in either outing. I worked real hard on my mobility but ended up with a zero for 14.2, which was fine as I was very proud to come back with 2 strong showings after that. 

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

 I will say mobility will help me achieve the long list of goats that I’m currently trying to work on. But to be more specific, double unders, overhead squats, wall balls, rope climbs, muscle ups and trying to leave the gate open so that junkyard dog runs away. My goal going forward is just improve and hold on till I’m 54 so I can participate in the open while lowering the weights and standards in the competition.

6.  What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Hobbies? Sports? 

I love the beach and spend a week every year down the Jersey shore boogie boarding, I can actually body surf pretty good as well, but it is much easier on the chest when you have a board under you. I played Baseball and Hockey, my 2 favorite sports growing up. I played in a semi-pro baseball league in California which was made up of former junior college and Division 3 players around California between the ages of 19-30, it was very competitive. I hung them up after moving from shortstop, (because I couldn’t reach first anymore!), to second base, to first base coach (because I couldn’t reach first anymore!). I like paddle boarding which we did a few times last year, and we own a couple of Kayaks that we use around Hingham Beach.

Oh I forgot the mention I’m a Yankee, Ranger and Giant Fan. Those ticker-tape parades in New York even after all those championships never get old.

Scott definitely likes to let everyone know he’s an avid Yankee’s fan! 🙂  He PR’d a ton of things in this years open and has a whole year to work on goats….. (And a few more years until he would be considered a Master’s competitor).  It’s a pleasure to have Scott a part of the community even if he is the creepy guy stalking the gym in his car! 

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