Sunday Social – Reebok CrossFit Games Finals Style

Hey Bare Covers!

Our great community has grown quite a bit over the past few months, so it’s time we all get to know one another better.  What better occasion to gather around than the finals of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games?! (Note that all times on the games schedule above are in Pacific Time – that’s 3 hours behind us :))

More details to come but here are the basics.

  • Where: The box of course!
  • When: THIS Sunday 2:00pm – until the party is over
  • What: We will hook up a projector and watch the finals, eat, workout (think old school suns out guns out style – maybe we will do bar curls and skull crushers), down tasty beverages ,and most importantly enjoy our awesome community!
  • What to Bring: We will have some basic food and such, but bring your favorite brew, side, dessert, or something to grill.  Oh yeah – don’t be shy about wearing tank tops, bandannas, jorts, cargo shorts (said in a thick Boston accent), Austin Malleolo jerseys, or any other kind of stuff you want to wear…..or not wear for that matter.
  • Who to Bring: We encourage you to bring significant others, family members, friends,  CrossFit friends from other boxes, random globo gym people you know :), etc.  For safety reasons it’s probably best that we leave hitchhikers and super energetic, little/future CrossFitters behind.  If you happen to meet a hitchhiker with a sub 2 minute Fran time or have little/future CrossFitters that PR at the “keeping to one area of the box” WOD, we encourage you to bring them.


Come ready to have fun, build community, and be inspired by the incredible athletes we will be watching!



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