Trish and Rob Baynes “Captain Stash and the PI”

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Trish- I am a fortyish Mom who lives in Hingham with my husband Rob, my son Ronan (13) and daughter Bridget (9).  I am a licensed private investigator and also facilitate workshops on substance use prevention for Middle School families.

Rob- I’m a software engineer.  I work from home for a small hedge fund with offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Trish- I have been active my whole life.  I was involved in track in high school and later got involved in martial arts.  Rob and I actually met while doing Karate back in our twenties. Prior to CrossFit the most challenging physical effort I ever had was when I was training in Quantico to become a DEA Agent when I was 24.  We had to do a lot of demanding PT and tactical training and since I was one of three females in a class of fifty I really had to step up my game.  I was lucky to never have a weight management problem until I hit my late thirties.  Between my two pregnancies I didn’t take all of my baby weight off.  It just got harder  after my daughter was born because my metabolism seemed to have slowed down as I neared 40.  The end result was that I was about thirty pounds overweight.  Also I have felt as I’ve gotten older I have become less agile and less flexible.  Although I was regularly going to the gym next door, I was unmotivated because I didn’t feel it was helping and I was getting very bored with my routine.  Luckily my husband Rob started going to CrossFit last winter and got completely hooked. He was so happy with the training and results that I decided to try it out for myself last January.  Since I joined I have lost about twenty pounds and a feeling extremely challenged and motivated.

Rob- I have also been active my whole life: running, cycling, hiking, snow boarding and getting beat up by Trish in martial arts.  Nine years ago I had a severe accident on a mountain bike on the obstacle course in Wompatuck state park.  I landed on my head while crossing a high bridge and smashed my helmet and tore up my neck and mid back.  After 3 months of PT, I was able to move normally again, but not ride a bike.  I occasionally did hot yoga and used an erg machine but eventually got bored with it.  Fortunately last November I got an email from an old biking buddy, Mike Monarch, asking if I wanted to try a CrossFit class for cyclists.  I was hooked when I messed up the On-ramp schedule and showed up on a Friday and Chris Frio talked me into staying for the hero WOD (“Don’t worry, you’ll scale it, its easy” he said).  I was hooked.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

Trish- The community connection is what makes it work!  It is so great to walk in and see the same group of people each week.  I usually go to the 9:30 class and can’t say enough about the spirit of community I have found there.  People are very supportive of each other.  I also feel the coaches are awesome and are really good at picking up on areas that I need to improve.  I’ve also really enjoyed the “out of box” events like the beach WODs and the trail run at Wompatuck.

Rob- I think the people are what makes CF addictive.  The coaching, support, camaraderie and shared suffering are what makes it special and not just a “work out”.  When I travel and go to another box or do a travel WOD, I realize how much I miss my morning peeps.  Shout out to 5:30am!

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Trish- I have been slowly and steadily improving in just about everything.  My flexibility has been my biggest challenge so I guess I am really psyched that I can now squat below parallel.   I am proud I can now jump on a 20″ box and am feeling much more agile over all.

Rob- Pull ups, push ups, hand stand push ups, 30″ box jump (just did that for the first time last Monday – BOOM!).  I have been working on hand stands with Bridget, she’s a good coach.  After 10 months of eating healthy, running a mile to/from the box and doing six WODs a week, I am in the best shape of my life.

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Trish- I have a very long list of “goats”.  One big goal is to be able to squat below parallel with an overhead weight.  I want to be able to climb up the rope and hit the “that was easy” button.   Also want to seriously work on handstands, burpees and pull-ups.

Rob- My goal before I turn 50 in March is to do a hand stand walk and a muscle up.  In general I need to get more comfortable with olympic lifting (dead lifts still scare me) and lifting more weight.

6. How has CrossFit had an impact on your family? 

Trish- Rob and I love the program and try to encourage our kids to come to the family class on Saturdays.  Bridget comes to the Saturday class and liked the kids camp this summer.

Rob- I really like the Saturday family class.  It is so amazing that we can all work out together with whatever scaling is needed and still have fun.  The impact on our family has been huge, we keep challenging each other: Bridget trying to teach us hand stands, swimming distance together, ultimate frisbee or running up a dirt wall in wompy.



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