Tuesday 4-29-14

 In WODs

Warm Up

Calf and Achilles Mobility

Agility Course


Strict Pull Ups


A. Deadlift 1×5 – work up to the heaviest possible with PERFECT form – any form falter does not count

B. Strict Pull Ups 3 x Max Reps – rest as needed – if scaling needed, use a band that allows for 10-12 on first set. Do not reach with chin, rep will not count.

C. 12-9-6-3
Perfect Deadlifts (315/205)
Box Jumps (30/24)
After each round perform 3 shuttle runs – including the last round


Travel WOD

10 sets of shuttle runs at 5, 10, 15 yard markers – take as much time as you need to rest

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