Wednesday 2-11-15

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Warm up 

Coach’s Choice 


Perfect Movement Standards and Practice


Score today is perfect reps as judged by fellow member. We will go in two heats.

2 Rounds
1 min. Deadlift Medium Weight
1 min. Box Jumps (24/20)
1 min. Air Squats
1 min. Cals on Erg

Deadlifts – any rounding whatsoever, any shift of weight into the toes, any early knee movement on the way down, or any lack of full extension of the hips will result in a no rep.

Box Jumps – Athletes must land with feet underneat the shoulders and chest up. Athletes must stand up all the way. If athletes lands with feet narrower than shoulders or chest down, that is a no rep.

Air Squats – Weight must stay in the heels, chest up, knees out, and hips below parallel for rep to count. Even a squat that is below parallel but is in the toes will not count as a rep.


Travel WOD 

2 Rounds
1 min. Dumbbell/ kettlebell Deadlifts or Goodmornings with an object 
1 min. Box Jumps or tuck jumps 
1 min. Air Squats
1 min. Cals on Erg/bike/erg/treadmill 

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