“Why” – The Difference Between Resolution and Life Change

Hey Bare Covers,

It’s hard to believe that yet another new year is upon us! What’s cool about a new year is that regardless of what the year before had in store for us, there is this big blank slate ready for a new story to be written. Up to a certain point we have control of what that story is going to be and the thought of that is exhilarating! Just go into a gym, a grocery store, a church, etc. and you can witness the excitement in masses. You will see large amounts of fellow community members determined to take some part of their life and make it what they want it to be. That hope alone can fuel that journey for a decent amount of time. But then, months and sometimes just weeks down the road that fresh new hope is not so new anymore and it loses it’s power to propel us forward. Suddenly the vast majority falls back into their old habits and what was once a blank slate becomes yet another chapter of the same old story. So the question is how do we turn yet another resolution into an actual life change?


The answer to that question is another question – why? Specifically, why do we REALLY want to make that change? While the question itself is simple, the true answer can take some work to figure out and will be different for each person. BUT, when we figure out that answer, it becomes a more powerful motivator than any blank slate. It becomes powerful enough to actually evoke life change. Let’s take an example.


If I asked you why you started CrossFitting, undoubtedly there is at least one person that would tell me it was to lose weight. Awesome, we can get that result, but why do you want to lose weight? The answer could vary, but one possibility is because you are worried about its impact on your health. Also a solid answer, but why are you worried about your health? You may then answer because you don’t want your life to be cut short. Nowwww we are getting somewhere, but why? Then you tell me because you want to be there to see your son and daughter grow up. Now that’s it! So you aren’t CrossFitting to lose weight, you are CrossFitting to actually be on this planet and witness when your child makes the winning shot, gets married, has a kid, and gets that dream job. Walk into the box everyday knowing THAT is REALLY why you are CrossFitting and I guarantee you the power and longevity of your commitment will reach new heights. You may just turn a resolution into a life change.

No one is perfect. We all have slip ups and setbacks. As long as we focus on why we are doing what we set out to do, we will each be equipped with powerful motivation. Add in a little support from our community and we may just make some amazing things happen this year!


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