Wil Berglund – The Grown Up Kid

1. Tell us a little about yourself?  Wilson, yup that’s why one L.  I am a 43 years old, happily married father of three (Hailey-15, Cooper-13, Cole-11 plus a retriever Bode-5) who skis way better than I run and makes a mean margarita.  I grew up in Hanson, met wife Trish my senior year at WH, got to know the Froio family during college years, and settled in Norwell 10 years ago.  If I’m not at work, home, rink, lax field, RCFBC, trail somewhere, or commuting to those locations then conditions must be ideal for playing hooky at a mountain or beach.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)   Sports have been part of my life since I can remember and “being in shape” to me meant the physical ability to handle any competition or activity without thinking about it.  I’ve been skiing and playing hockey since I could walk, still skate two nights a week, and have run and lifted weights in varying degrees of focus since middle school.  A few years back a friend got me hooked on running trail races in the Grand Tree series and some other enduro challenges and I thought I was in great shape.  Then I took on a big DIY patio/wall/stonescape/landscape project and for the first time I found myself feeling old, weak, and slow.  I didn’t like that feeling but glossed over it with excuses about age, deskjob, etc.  Time went on, life got busier, fitness saw less focus, and when confronted with that same sluggish feeling in spring of 2013 – this time over a pile of mulch – I knew it was time for change.  No more yardwork.  Or plan B) find a program to regain the physical ability & capacity to do what I want when I want.  Truthfully, I was skeptical about group classes and coaching but it wasn’t long into on-ramp & then the 5:30 class that I could see the power of both.  The first few weeks were humbling but in a very good way.  I noted progress month by month but it wasn’t until a ski-day last winter did I realize what all those WODs & reps were for; my legs hadn’t been that strong since I was 22 and skied every single day of the Colorado season.  Sure my reps, maxes, times, form, etc have improved the last 16 months but the real cool thing is I’m quicker & stronger on skates or skis and now I can overhead squat teak patio furniture.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?  RCFBC sorta reminds me of Cheers, its a place where everybody knows your name and you can take a break from all your worries, at least for an hour or so (or in my case 58 minutes).  There is a wide variety of characters, decent amount of witty banter, some witless banter, and the shared experience each day creates an urge to go back and not miss what the next WOD will bring, or the funnies that go with it.  The best thing is anyone can ‘fit’ in, whether you have the mental acuity of Frasier or Woody (and yes i’m old enough to remember Coach) or the athletic resume of Sam or Norm, you belong.  Who are three people that have never been in my kitchen.  The other aspect of community I have only experienced once – on Monarch’s wacky wompy run – is the positive vibe RCFBC brings to families, friends, or friends that are like family.  I’m not talking kumbaya hocus pocus, I mean significant lifestyle and lifequality improvement.  For me, with 3 kids that play hockey & lacrosse, and youth sports nowadays being wacko year round, I’ve had limited time to enjoy RCFBC weekend or off-schedule events.  Bare Cove is super convenient to the commuter boat, not so much to home.  But now with the open of SciCoh there is a higher probability I will add family & weekend participation into the mix.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?  Besides the summer sofa snatch previously mentioned, ok fine…it was the loveseat but I’m close, there are a lot of things that have gone from zero or low digits – double unders, pull-ups, legless ropes, ring dips, floor touch ghd, overhead squat – to numbers that are tougher to add together, good thing for white boards.  And though I’m a long, long way from proficient, I’m proud that now I can perform many movements I would have never ever attempted on my own – like an overhead squat or thruster….seriously who comes up with this stuff.

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward? Oh theres plenty.  Muscle-up is top of the list.  Stringing together more than a few butterfly pullups.  Less scaling of paleo diet on weekends.  More sleep.  Plus anything involving a barbell needs form & technique improvement.  And after I get all that locked up, no you lock it up, you lock it up, lock it up, well there is always more reps, more weight, faster times, or D) all of the above to strive towards.  Really the challenge for me is to hold onto or improve the ability to be active because what I enjoy most in life are activities shared with people I care about.  Not to get all metaphysical but I think kids have the life – play, learn, eat, sleep, rinse & repeat.  The problem with getting older is we get further and further away from that simple mantra.  If a consistent program of varied, vigorous activity and paying attention to how I fuel and recharge my body can help me hold onto youth, then that’s not hard, that’s easy.  Because my ultimate goal, when the mortgage and tuitions are no more and I’m finally all grown up, is to be a kid again.

6.  If you could describe RCFBC in one word what would it be? Wow, thats tougher than a 1-armed chest to bar with batman on your back.  Easy day is two.  Wicked pissah is two.  so I suppose, & to quote Mary Poppins: supercaloriefunballisticexcellentallindoit.

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