You are stronger than you think…

You are stronger than you think.

By: Coach Lauren LeJeune

As coaches, we wanted to write content that helped you in some way. Mike told us to find something we’re passionate and write about it, but I was struggling to find something that really spoke to me until I saw this simple phrase: You are stronger than you think. WOW. How about that. Let’s read that one more time…You. Are. Stronger. Than. You. Think. Ok, let’s dive in.

As we go through our journey of CrossFit (yes, I used the word journey), we have ups and downs throughout. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times over the past 6 years that I was frustrated, wanted to quit a work out, heck, wanted to quit for a week! It’s important to know that everyone has gone through that. As we make progress, there will inevitably a day where a workout says nope, not today and leaves you feeling defeated. It’s how we take those days and use them as fuel the next time we’re in the box that matters. In on ramp we tell you, naturally, you’ll be better and some things than others. I’m a small, 5’3” girl, which means that rowing, wall balls, super heavy things, are not my forte. That also means that I can toss my body to the ground for a burpee in no time at all. We all have movements that we love and movements that well, we could do without (cough, thrusters, cough). It’s going into the box on those days that matter.

You are stronger than you think.

Now, let’s think outside the box: The whole idea of CrossFit was to get people doing functional movements now so they can do them later, better – do stuff in the box that makes you better outside the box. Outside of the physical benefits of CrossFit, I’m confident everyone has experienced first-hand or known someone personally that has gotten stronger mentally. The confidence that comes from the community during a workout and pushing past your limits has incredible power outside of the box too. Continue to thrive and help others thrive. That’s what our community is all about and I encourage each and every one of you to lead by example outside of the box with this mantra too. Imagine what we could do if everyone acted the way we do inside the box in their real lives?

You are stronger than you think.

We’ve talked about mental strength, now it’s time to get physical.

It’s incredible to see what we can all accomplish when we try something new, push a little harder; try adding those extra couple pounds on the bar. I’m totally guilty of sluggishly walking over to Mike or another coach saying “eh, I don’t think I can do that weight” or “Mmmm think I should do xx instead?” While yes, there are times when I do the lighter weight to keep the stimulus of the workout, but there are also many times where Mike’s response is “Woman up!” I’m always and I mean always so happy I pushed the extra bit and I get a renewed sense of pride. Even after 6 years, when I truly felt like I pushed past my limits, I burst in the door to tell Mike. Always ask your coach if you’re feeling unsure about the weight, (or if you’re like me and know you’re scaling too much and need someone to push you a little) they’ll be able to tell you whether it’s a day to push or a day to have a specific weight to keep the stimulus of the workout intact.

You’re stronger than you think.

I want to leave you with this: By now, if you’ve read every word of this article, you’ve told yourself that you’re stronger than you think 7 times. Keep it going! This week while you’re in class, at home, at work, anywhere, have the positive self-talk to know you can do it, be confident and push yourself juuuust a little bit more. KNOW that you are stronger than you think. Whether you focus on strength as it relates to mental strength or physical strength, pick one and take time to make it top of mind in class and out of class.

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